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Welcome to a Better Financial Future!

Growing up in a middle-class Christian home, the idea of being wealthy was never a common discussion. We focused on having the necessities of life, and not much (if anything) more. As I began to notice others having the finer things in life, I knew God had to have more for me, but I did not know how I would fulfill my dream with only a high school education. So, I began to seek God and focus more on His Will for my life. 

As I searched, I found an answer as to why I wanted to be wealthy. Genesis 12:2 states that we are blessed to be blessing. I wanted to be able to bless and inspire not only myself, and immediate family, but others as well. I wanted to be the example of becoming wealthy without any formal education. Little did I know, that I was actually already doing the things that would lead to my prosperous lifestyle.

I learned the process is actually quite simple...Once you learn how to think, you automatically have learned what to say. Once you learn to control your words...anything is possible.

On my blog you'll find me share pertinent information for setting financial goals in line with God's teachings, my thoughts on faith, and I may ramble a time or two about the things that inspire me to make a difference in my community.

Welcome! I hope to inspire YOU to a more prosperous, God-directed life. Together, we CAN get there.

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