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Thomas F. Stokes

Faith For Finances

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My Story
My Story

A business owner with a passion for helping people see their potential as God sees it, Thomas F. Stokes is a visionary leader and community builder. He has authored a spectacular self-help book focusing on achieving personal financial success through faith. Appropriately titled, “Faith for Finances: How to Develop a Wealth Mindset God’s Way”. He drops nuggets on financial growth, God’s vision, and more. Available through or shoot him an email. Be sure grab your copy today!

Born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Thomas currently resides in the region. He continues his passion for writing, spirituality, and building community.

Thomas has launched a nonprofit taking Faith and Finances even further in. For now, stay connected with him via TikTok for his thoughts on all things finance, faith, and manifesting your potential.

Need a Keynote Speaker?

The subject of "Faith and Finances" is such a passion of mine that I am open to presenting at your next virtual or in-person meeting, conference, or connect group.


Feel free to contact me to coordinate!

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My Books

In "Faith for Finances", Stokes provides Biblical insight as we all navigate the world of personal finance. He gives practical solutions to help readers begin to see their finances differently. Great resource here!


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Stay tuned here to learn where I'll be signing copies of my book or presenting next!
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